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Good training will make all aspects easier and more efficient but finding the right training is not always easy. We recommend an intensive training that teaches all aspects. A thorough understanding of the concept and practical application requirements is crucial for Management Representatives during the writing the documentation, during implementation phase and even after certification.

Courses are designed and developed by the best subject matter experts and taught by the best instructors in quality tools and practices.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are well-respected specialists across many industries. All of our class instructors have gone through a rigorous validation process in order to become an  instructor. They are quality professionals with both theoretical and practical experience in their fields and fully qualified in their subjects.

Recommendations for Top Management

Executive management needs to have a basic understanding of ISO 9001 for two important reasons.

  • First, top management wants to understand the pros and cons of ISO 9001 as well as resource requirements for ISO 9001 certification in order to make an informed decision whether to proceed with ISO 9001 certification or not.
  • Secondly, since ISO 9001 is a management tool, top management will want to know how to best utilize it and gain the most from it.


Recommendations for Staff

Most of the burden - as well as benefits - of ISO 9001 lies on middle management as they are the backbone of the ISO 9001 quality management system. In order to make your ISO 9001 system a success, middle managers need to...

  • understand the concepts of ISO 9001,
  • recognize the benefits that they can gain through the ISO 9001 quality management system,
  • fully support the ISO 9001 initiative, and
  • apply the ISO 9001 requirements in daily business practice.

It is, therefore, important to give middle management an introduction to ISO 9001 early on and then provide more in-depth training during the ISO 9001 implementation phase.

Recommendations for Staff

Even though ISO 9001 is a management system, virtually all employees are somewhat part of ISO 9001. The contribution of staff to the success of the ISO 9001 system cannot be overstated. Motivated and well-informed employees will not only be supportive of ISO 9001, they will also be important for a smooth ISO 9001 certification audit.

Our Recommendation:

All employees should receive a brief introduction to ISO 9001 at the very beginning of the ISO 9001 implementation. This introductory training is not only a requirement but also an important contributor to the success of the ISO 9001 implementation. The purpose of this early introduction to ISO 9001 is to "get everybody on board", show employees how they are involved in ISO 9001 and how they will benefit from it. A good introduction will gain employee "buy-in" and prevent unfounded fears and opposition to ISO.

Another important training for employees is the preparation for the ISO 9001 certification audit. Being well prepared for this important audit will reduce fear and mistakes, and contribute to the success of the certification audit.

Keeping employees motivated and engaged is important at any time prior as well as after the ISO 9001 certification audit. We recommend keeping staff involved and informed. A motivational video will also be beneficial.


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